The Global Era Of Timber Construction

Cross Laminated Timber is light weight and delivers at minimum the same structural strength as reinforced concrete: 1 cubic meter of concrete = 2.7 tons while 1 cubic meter of CLT = 400kg.

Cross Laminated Timber is considered the concrete of a climate friendly and carbon neutral future. Every cubic meter of concrete emits one ton of CO2 while one ton of CLT contains sequestered carbon – CLT is a carbon battery.

Cross Laminated Timber is prefabricated in a computer controlled environment working with margins of 2mm throughout the building guaranteeing unseen finishing quality and safety.

Cross Laminated Timber the use of mass timber as a natural material guarantees a new level of wellbeing and supports humans immune system and health. “It is empirically known that wood can cause a comfort enhancement effect in humans.” Official Journal of the Japan Wood Research Society.

Cross Laminated Timber does not loose its structural strength under fire. It crusts with 6.5 – 7mm per minute allowing detailed calculation for Fire, Life & Safety precautions.

Cross Laminated Timber is a perfect heat and cold insulator and does not, unlike concrete, store heat. 100mm thick CLT has the same insulation value as 1.8m thick concrete wall.

Cross Laminated Timber buildings can be erected in an unseen speed and accuracy.
Multi-storey buildings like the Burj Zanzibar are being built at a speed of one floor per week.

Cross Laminated Timber buildings like any mass timber building are extremely durable as timber is the only none deteriorating building material. Timber is the primary construction material used for most of the oldest buildings globally.