Meet the world's tallest timber-tower.

Elevating the urban Zanzibar lifestyle to new limits.

Company Intro

CPS, the developer behind Burj Zanzibar focuses on designing and creating large scale urban developments to supply safe and equitable homes for thousands of families in Tanzania and East Africa.

International Press

  • ”Burj Zanzibar Will Be Africa’s First Wooden High-Rise”

    World Economic Forum
  • ”Timber high-rises are setting new records for residential buildings”

  • ”Burj Zanzibar will be a widely visible new landmark for Zanzibar and beyond, not only because of its appearance but because of its construction method,” said Leander Moons”

    Global Construction Review
  • ”28-storey Burj Zanzibar would be Africa's first sustainable high-rise”

    Acess Wire
  • ”Zanzibar to become home to the world's tallest hybrid mass timber tower”

    Forest Economic Advisors

Architectural beacon

Burj Zanzibar is being designed, developed, and constructed by a team of internationally renown specialists guaranteeing the highest level of quality, durability, safety and service.

  • The Global Era Of Timber Construction

    Engineered timber construction, such as Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT), is a modern construction method that is gaining popularity due to its numerous advantages. CLT is made by layering lumber planks in alternating directions and bonding them with structural adhesives to form large, solid panels that can be used as floors, walls, and roofs. This construction method has several advantages over traditional building materials such as concrete and steel, including superior strength-to-weight ratio, faster construction time, lower environmental impact, and improved insulation properties. Additionally, engineered timber construction can significantly reduce construction waste and carbon emissions compared to traditional building methods, making it a sustainable choice for modern construction projects.

  • Light Weight

    Cross Laminated Timber is light weight and delivers at minimum the same structural strength as reinforced concrete: 1 cubic meter of concrete = 2.7 tons while 1 cubic meter of CLT = 400kg.

  • Speed

    Cross Laminated Timber buildings can be erected with unseen speed and accuracy. Mutli-storey buildings like the Burj Zanzibar are being built at a speed of one floor per week.

  • Precision

    Cross Laminated Timber is prefabricated in a computer controlled environment working with margins of 2mm throughout the building guaranteeing unseen finishing quality and safety.

  • Structural Strength

    Cross Laminated Timber does not loose its structural strength under fire. It crusts with 6.5 – 7mm per minute allowing detailed calculation for Fire, Life & Safety precautions.

  • The Perfect Insulator

    Cross Laminated Timber is a perfect heat and cold insulator and does not, unlike concrete, store heat. 100mm thick CLT has the same insulation value as 1.8m thick concrete wall.

  • Durable

    Cross Laminated Timber buildings like any mass timber building are extremely durable as timber is the only none deteriorating building material. Timber is the primary construction material used for most of the oldest buildings globally


A shared vision has come to life through the extraordinary collaboration of a talented, multi-disciplined team.

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